Narcissistic mothers and food abuse. With Christina Davidson

Get‌ ‌Free‌ ‌Help‌ ‌24/7‌ ‌(310)‌ ‌928-7131‌ . in this video, we talk about how to overcome low self-esteem, the steps to healing your inner critic, and how to heal from narcissistic abuse. Dr. Judy also talks about the inner critic meaning from the mind map perspective, signs of low self-esteem, inner critic examples, how inner critic can keep you stuck, overcoming your inner critic, healing negative self talk, and tips for what to do about low self-esteem.

Wherever you are, whether in New York, Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Michigan, or Houston toxic relationships and narcissistic mothers and fathers can make you lose confidence in yourself, your belief in your abilities and value, make you feel worthless, and negatively criticize yourself.

If not overcome, low self-esteem, negative self talk, and inner critic can keep you stuck, affect your relationships, your ability to make critical decisions, and live your life to the full.

Sadly most people go through their life without getting out of this trap, others discover it late in their life, while some try to defend it and the people that caused it.

The mind map therapy can help you understand the root cause of low self-esteem, help you dismantle the inner critic, set you on the path to healing your inner critic, overcome low-self esteem, and becoming your full self.

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Inner critics don’t get unraveled by positive affirmation or by talk therapy. To effectively overcome your inner critic and heal from low-esteem you need to:
--Identify the wounds of childhood that led to your current state
--Track your reaction to these wounds
--Dismantle the lies that these wounds have created
--Get on the path to turning the tables around and becoming your real self

The mind map system takes you through all these steps to help you clean your psyche and perception of yourself, flush out the psychological toxins in you and set you on a part to enjoying a healthy and fulfilling life.

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