Nail Your Virtual Residency Interviews

0:00 Intro
2:30 Residency Programs' Response to COVID19
4:02 Virtual Interviews: What to Expect
7:20 Common Virtual Interview Questions
12:11 Virtual Logistics
16:12 Virtual Interview Dos and Don'ts
22:20 Common Virtual Interview "What Ifs"
26:35 Addressing Red Flags
28:37 Evaluating Programs
33:36 Ranking Programs
37:50 Meet Our Residency Consultants
39:31 Med School Tutors' Match Statistics
40:04 How We Help You Match
40:53 Live Q&A

Want to ensure you nail your virtual interviews? Schedule your free phone consult to be matched with Dr. Bertino, Dr. Godfrey or one of their experienced residency consultant peers!
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