Myths About French Fries People Believe

Humans are incredibly adept at the willful suspension of disbelief – especially when it comes to delicious yet unhealthy food. Show us pizza, and we'll tell you it's mostly vegetables and calcium – nevermind the grease. Show us a slice of apple pie, and we'll tell you it's one of our essential servings of fruit for the day. We take this logic a whole step further when it comes to french fries – a junk food we've passionately applied many a myth or misconception to in order to feel good about eating. Did you know they aren't actually French? Is it true that they might be the ticket to helping you get pregnant, or stopping you from going bald? Let's take a look at myths about french fries people actually believe.

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They were invented in France | 0:00
French fries vs. British-style chips | 1:27
All french fries are vegan | 2:21
They're only deep-fried once | 3:53
It's just like eating potatoes | 5:04
It doesn't matter what potatoes you use | 6:28
Americans consume the most french fries | 7:38
McDonald's french fries help with pregnancy | 9:01
McDonald's french fries cure baldness | 10:03

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