Myth Busting Common Advice About Switching Jobs | The Harvard Business Review Guide

Should you always be looking for another job, never make a lateral move, or be sure to stay at a job for two years? There's a lot of conflicting advice out there. HBR's Amy Gallo helps you sort the myths from the facts.

00:00 So in today’s work world, what should you do when it comes to switching jobs?
00:36 Fact or myth: You should always be looking for your next job.
02:20 Fact or myth: You should stay at your job for at least two years.
03:42 Fact or myth: You should never leave your job until the next one is lined up.
05:07 Fact or myth: You should never make a lateral move.
06:06 Fact or myth: You shouldn't quit your job until your employer makes a counteroffer.
07:14 OK, let’s review!

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