My employer Won't Allow Family Medical Leave. What do I do? | Employment Lawyers | LegalShield

My employer won't allow family medical leave. What do I do? | Employment Lawyers | LegalShield

Is your employer refusing to give you family medical leave, or paid time off to care for a sick member of your family?

Are you being denied paid leave to care for a sick child or other family member?

Employment law entitles employees to paid time off to care for sick family members, and we can help you fight for your rights.

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Visit today and sign up and we will connect you to a dedicated lawyer in your state who will help you to fight for your rights to paid family medical leave.

At a minimum, your lawyer will consult with you and advise on how to:

Confirm your worker classification
Inform your employer of your rights to family medical leave
And attempt to settle your dispute quickly to avoid further distress at an already difficult time.

In the case of loss of earnings, your lawyer can:

Help reclaim any loss of pay and potential care costs
And if appropriate, seek compensation for suffering.

If your employer retaliates or threatens your employment, your membership provides a legal defense, at a 25% discount on your lawyer’s rate.

Take five minutes to sign up and join the millions we already empower across North America by visiting today.

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