MTB riding pants and more: 7Mesh apparel

You asked, here are the riding pants I’m in the majority of the (not raining) time! Big thanks to Jenson USA for supporting this video, and thank to 7Mesh for supplying a few items before they became available at Jenson as well. FYI these are all affiliate links- thanks for your support!!! I absolutely LOVE running this 7Mesh kit (light pants, warm jersey) in the cooler months:

For jerseys, I am really happy with both the Sight (short sleeve) and Compound (reinforced long sleeve) shirts, and the prices aren’t bad for either:

Very cycling specific, 7Mesh makes an absolutely amazing chamois in their bib shorts. Bibs are great as they do not have a waist band, and are very comfortable:

The shorts are OK, but I do find these priced a little high for their performance, especially when compared to some other items the competition makes:

I want to give a BIG shoutout to my MTB industry partners! First up, it certainly is NOT embarrassing to do your online shopping with Jenson USA, who is a big supporter of my efforts. Help support my channel by doing your shopping via this affiliate link here:

Big thanks to Industry Nine in their support with more amazing wheels for 2022. Check out what they offer thru this link over to their page at Jenson USA: (affiliate link)

Finally, I have HUGE trust in my PNW Components 35mm diameter Range bars and stem, and LOVE having a full 200mm drop with my Loam dropper post. A big thanks to PNW Components for their support in 2022! Check out the PNW cockpit items here: (affiliate link)

Did you know I post a new riding tutorial every month? These are ONLY posted to my Patreon page, so join now to see these rad videos! Here’s the full list of my riding tutorials posted through January 2022:

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