Moving to Australia - Visas and Planning Considerations

With many considering making the move to Australia this can often be a complicated and time consuming process. For those thinking of migrating to Australia or citizens with partners from other countries this journey often starts with obtaining a visa. There are also a range of financial planning and tax considerations to be navigated as part of relocating to Australia.

What are some of the common visa pathways available? How to apply for a partner visa? What are the benefits of applying early? How long does the process take? What are some of the costs and requirements and things to look out for?

In this webinar with Oreana Private Wealth on 22nd September (Thurs) at 12.30pm, where Senior Wealth Advisor, Matthew Jones, is joined by AusVisa Link Managing Director, Jennifer Wood, to answer these migration questions and more. Matthew will be running through some of the key strategies and considerations for moving to Australia including mitigating tax on income and assets, tax efficient asset structuring, Australian property and debt management, Superannuation and insurance considerations.
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