Moving From Work From Home To Work From Anywhere – Legal Challenges

Although teleworking has become the new normal in working life, there is a growing tendency among companies to embrace WFA – work-from-anywhere, with clear benefits for employees and employers alike. But is this right for YOUR organization? There are a number of aspects and concerns which employers must address before going partially or all WFA. In particular, aspects concerning cross-border remote work should be considered within the context of WFA and tackling risks and challenges in work performed abroad is not always simple.

Here are some key topics to bear in mind:

a. Work-from-Anywhere: The Essential Guide
Work-from-anywhere = Teleworking and WFH (work from home)
Advantages vs. disadvantages
WFA in statistics and current trends

b. Mandatory Content of the Individual Employment Agreement In Case of WFA
Common rules
Specific rules in case of teleworking
Specific rules in case of work from home

c. Recent Legislative Amendments Facilitating Remote Work
Digitalization of the labour market – the use of electronic signature
On-line training in the health & safety field
Reimbursement by the employer of the costs related to teleworking

d. The Cross-border Pitfalls of WFA
Analysis of the applicability of Romanian legislation and relevant exceptions
Legal implications when hiring employees from other jurisdictions
Hiring of Romanian personnel by companies abroad

e. Q&A Session
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