MOSAIC 2022 Awards Ceremony

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Ten deserving recipients were celebrated at the 2022 MOSAIC Awards Ceremony on June 9. The event was a chance to gather in-person and recognize outstanding accomplishments.

Each year, MOSAIC offers a variety of scholarships and awards to celebrate diversity and inclusion, support further education for immigrants and refugees, and highlight outstanding achievements in human rights advocacy. The 2022 MOSAIC awards recipients are as follows:

Human Rights Award – Andrea Montgomery Di Marco
Employer Recognition Award – Uncommon Purpose
Eyob G. Naizghi Scholarship Award – Sediqa Temori
Ann & Jo-Ann Scholarship Award – Maliheh Ardeshiri
Kes Chetty Award – Hanna Yohannes Yihdego and Nastaran Qubadi
MOSAIC Educational Enhancement Awards – Alejandra Perezalonso, Maria Albasha, Mishal Abdullah and Sidhant Sidana
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