More Reasons Why You Have Been Targeted And Lies & Misdirection About The Purpose Of The Program


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Possibly one of the BEST websites for do it yourself directed energy weapons attacks as well as protecting your residence:

The most HONEST online search engine out there now:

Gray Rock technique to deal with idiot Narcissists:

Easy to understand explanations for health advice and truther information:

HELP FOR INSOMNIA, blue blocking glasses:

One of THE best truther websites that I have ever found, WHALE:

THIS is gold.  A very comprehensive list of health hazards which by cutting out you will become better:

Our Free Society site

The Chembow-Symbiosis: Breaking the Parasitic/Human Codependency and you can order ORGONITE here:

EMF HelpCenter.Com

Fake charities-There are sellouts everywhere:

US – Help with smart meters, vaccines, PCR tests, masks, speeding or parking tickets and more – Great site

Mold can sicken you-Essential video on this:

Mycotoxin Poisoning & Toxic Mold: Symptoms & Solutions

Exemptions to the "jab"

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Truth about the cooties:

Why diagnostic and fetal Ultrasound is dangerous:

Nous interview on 'Forever Conscious Research Channel':

heirloom flower and vegetable seeds

Free E book for using essential oils for dental health (to avoid the dentist):

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Excellent information on Orgonite:
Your mind might be cut off from most of your emotions and some bodily sensations:

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