MoonxCosmetics Could Not Handle Jaclyn Cosmetics Like Scrutiny Part 2

Tone indicators in the corner for those who are not neurotypical: (G)enuine, (J)oking, (S)arcasm

Time Stamps:
Intro - 0:00
Copying - 1:39
Formulation - 12:18
Her Bad Skin - 17:57
Influencer Marketing - 21:00
Therealkylesister Drama - 23: 31
Jayda Pop Up Shop - 32:19
Jaclyn Hill Comparison - 36:20
Better Skincare Manufacturing - 48:26
Moonx Warehouse - 53:04
Lifestyle - 1:01:49
Moonx response - 1:24:56

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Camera: Canon 80d with a Sigma lens 18-35mm
Mic: Lav Mic and Tascam Mic
Lighting: Diva Ring or natural lighting
Editing: Final Cut Pro
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My name is Teanna and create public education videos in a way the does not point fingers at the individuals. I try to explain the systemic issues like capitalism, imperialism, and anti-Blackness. Hopefully raising awareness will lead to collective knowledge in order to dismantle these systems. It is important to do this using words and stories that are easy to understand because if we really want change, we cannot expect everyone tolerate jargon and overall boring teaching.

I enjoy creating community and providing content for those to discuss, find clarity, and enjoy can be difficult. I have been doing that in a haphazard way on YouTube. I want to base my talents on Patreon and actually stabilize my content creation. I will create content that speaks against anti-Blackness, Whorephobia, Fatphobia and more. This will also be a way for you to support the content that I have already posted on YouTube and will post going forward.
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