MOONFALL Movie Review (SPOILERS!) // Was Moonfall Good?

This video contains spoilers to the movie Moonfall.

Roland Emmerich is back with his latest disaster movie Moonfall. If you loved Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow and 2012, then this may very well be the movie for you! In this video, I give a complete spoiler review of the movie and let you know my thoughts on whether this movie was worth going into the theater for!

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Moonfall (2022)
Synopsis: The world stands on the brink of annihilation when a mysterious force knocks the moon from its orbit and sends it hurtling toward a collision course with Earth. With only weeks before impact, NASA executive Jocinda "Jo" Fowler teams up with a man from her past and a conspiracy theorist for an impossible mission into space to save humanity.
Directed by: Roland Emmerich
Starring: Patrick Wilson, Halle Berry, John Bradley, Kelly Yu, Michael Pena, Donald Sutherland

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