Monitoring the Weather, Your Photos...and Yourself! — Mac Geek Gab 944

Do you find productivity monitoring software creepy? Of course you do! But how about if you use it on yourself?

If you'd rather just monitor the weather, your three favorite geeks (and fellow MGG listeners) have answers for you.

That's not all, though! Listen as Pilot Pete, John F. Braun, and Dave Hamilton answer your questions about ways to change your Photos' dates and locations, making full use of AirPods Pro on airplanes, and how best to configure your new Mac.

Press play and enjoy learning at least five new things.

Chapters/Timestamps/Stuff mentioned:
00:00:00 Mac Geek Gab 944 for Monday, September 5, 2022
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Quick Tips
00:02:59 Steve-QT-Use Live Photos and Long Exposure on iPhone to Eliminate Moiré Pattern
00:04:50 QT-Use Control Center to Set AirDrop Options
00:08:03 QT-Hit Command-R on Mac App Store - Updates screen to refresh and update the list
00:09:46 Gene-QT-Hold Shift to Tilt Satellite View in Google Maps

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Your Questions Answered and Tips Shared!
00:13:18 Simon-Should my new MacBook have more RAM or more Storage?
00:26:12 CSF-AirFly Pro for Bluetooth from Plant to Your AirPods
00:27:43 AirPods Pro spatial audio is a game-changer on airplanes
00:32:48 Home Theater Hangout at 4:30pm EDT on Sunday, 18-September

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Photos Catchup
00:35:21 Allison-CSF-942-Batch Change’s Date/Time and Location HashPhotos
00:37:08 Peter-942-Using Photos to Change Date/Time
00:37:50 Darren-942-Batch Time/Date Change with
00:39:00 QT-Use Keywords to Create a Smart Photos Album on macOS
00:43:44 GC-Best Productivity Monitoring Software for macOS?
Timing for macOS

00:52:56 PODCAST: iPad Pros. Tim Chaten hosts different guests on every episode to dive deep and discover how they work on iPad. Guests include developers of iPad apps and the power users that really push the iPad to its limits like Federico Viticci, Jason Snell, David Sparks, Chris Lawley, and Matt Birchler..

Cool Stuff Found
00:54:13 Rich-CSF-941-The Tempest Weather Station has Siri Integration

00:58:52 Steve-CSF-941-Ambient Weather Station WS-2902B and Weather Display
00:59:46 Ted-941-Using BenSoftware to Upload Weather Pictures
01:01:00 Which Weather Apps do you use?
Dave uses Wunderground and Storm Radar
Pete uses Windy and AeroWeather Pro

01:05:55 CSF-Xfinity Mobile adds Unlimited $30/Month Plan
Mint Mobile -

01:08:20 CSF-942-Use Brave Browser for Privacy
01:10:32 CSF-Chirpty generates a graphic of your Twitter circle

01:11:22 MGG 944 Outtro
Pilot Pete’s New Aviation Podcast: So There I Was
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