Money Laundering & The Fall of Poker Celebrity | Only Friends Podcast w/Matt Berkey Ep #1 | S4Y

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Time Stamps:
0:00 Introductions
0:52 Soto
2:20 Brian
3:45 Conrad
6:30 Landon and Mellissa
7:50 Andre
10:45 Explanation of the Only Friends Podcast
13:20 Tilting Berkey
13:55 News and Notes
14:40 Poker Out Loud clip
19:14 Winner of the Poker Out Loud guess the hand giveaway
20:00 Thoughts on newest season of Poker Out Loud
22:50 7-2 bounty for the next season? Let’s get it puting
24:05 Poker Out Loud the Academy Explainer
27:00 High Stakes Regular Gal Yifrach Indicted
29:00 Who is Gal?
35:30 Wynn Millions
38:00 Why does everyone always have AA
41:40 The Wynn Millions final four
44:00 Why isn’t poker mainstream anymore
47:00 Marketing flaws in poker
50:40 Poker influencer vs poker player
52:00 The lack of poker media
54:24 How do you tap the poker market
58:50 Garrett Adelstein gets slow rolled in $180,000 pot
1:02:50 Are slow rolls good for poker
1:08:17 Top 5 slow rolls clip
1:14:20 Story time with Berkey
1:20:10 Where’s the ketchup?
1:25:30 Berkey Streaming from Pittsburgh next week with giveaways

Join Matt Berkey, Christian Soto, Landon Tice and the rest of the Solve for Why team as they discuss the big topics within the poker community as well as current events and strategy.

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Special Photo Credit to Antonio Ambrego & Hayley Hochstetler

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