Money Is King -Leyla McCalla | Student Music Video

Student Film Final Project
Directed, Filmed, and edited by: Gianbari Deebom

Music by Leyla McCalla (I do not own it)

Video Sources
-Day of Rage: How Trump Supporters Took the U.S. Capitol | Visual Investigations.

-Alabama City Remembered as Climactic Battle of Civil Rights Movementhttps: //

-How a Night of Chaos in Minneapolis Unfolded | Minneapolis Protests:

-Jeff Bezos reveals what the crew talked about before liftoff

-A look into Amazon's employee conditions as the company pushes back against unionization

-The Capitol stormed, an election completed: January 6 in six minutes

-Baltimore: 'This is what poverty in the US looks like' - BBC News

-What should we expect from the stock market next week?

-From Elon Musk to Satya Nadella: CEOs unload shares at record pace

-Why American Capitalism Is Failing – And Can It Be Saved? | Think | NBC News

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