Money Expert♡ “i’m more than capable to provide for myself” Strength + Money subliminal: #magicshop

(안녕하세요 ~ 01.02.23)

Welcome to #MAGICSHOP

`know how to spend and save money wisely
`know everyway on how to make good money
`always get promotions and know how to get them
`always pass job interviews
`have a passion for working
`easier to build your dream life
`gain a ton of money by your work
`strong minded
`always confident in your everyday work
`collect money every single day
`amazing business skills
`have a large savings
`have enough money to support yourself and your family
`make more than minimum wage
`only focused on yourself and your life
`stay to yourself and excel in everything you do
+ blockage remover.

music used`

_what is an subliminal?
subliminal audios are music with affirmations hidden behind it made to target and reprogram your subconscious mind positively. affirmations are positive sentences such as 'i am healthy' or 'i am beautiful' these are some examples [not in this subliminal] the hidden subliminal affirmations bypass your conscious mind reaching your subconscious mind where they can reprogram your mind, producing real visible results. fundamentally, this is the basic belief behind these subliminals.

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