Mock Interview | QA | 5 years experience | Raghav Pal

00:00 Start
00:59 Introduction
02:02 Step by Step process of your work
03:21 Tools | Platforms | Skills
03:54 Process knowledge
04:45 Sprint planning knowledge
05:45 Project management tools
06:40 Retrospective analysis
07:37 Knowledge check
08:04 Process knowledge - Agile & Scrum methodology
09:28 Experience and process know-how
10:56 Challenging situation handling
14:01 Tools & skills knowledge
15:27 Fact finding
16:18 Technology and awareness
18:36 Technical awareness
19:33 Organisation & management
20:25 Test lab management
21:40 Current project knowledge
25:31 Individual or teamwork
26:32 Handling issues
29:41 Test case writing
31:47 Ques from Resume
33:17 Testing domains knowledge
34:46 Postman API
36:21 Ques to Interviewer

36:57 Feedback time
37:30 feedback on resume
39:47 feedback on interaction
43:38 best practices during interview

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In this mock interview we have Saurav who has 5 years of experience in Manual QA (functional). See how he answers the questions
Let's watch and learn

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