ML Anglo American - How to Write a Compelling CV - Make your CV STAND OUT

Our next development series in collaboration with Anglo American, Diego Henriques, Salima Shariff and colleagues, covering topics that will help you maintain your health, build capabilities, present your best self and achieve your career aspirations.

Our webinars will be delivered online, via Zoom, be practical and interactive and will include career stories from Anglo American executives in addition to the example topics below:

Previous topics delivered
• Build Your CV
• Interview & Negotiation Skills
• Career Development Top Tips & Advice
• Communication, Presenting and Public Speaking
• Financial Skills and Money Management
• Inclusion and Diversity in the Workplace
• Personal Health (Physical & Mental)
• Fitness & Nutrition

Next topics being delivered
• How to Build Gravitas and Influence Others - Share Your Talents and Be Taken Seriously
• STEM Careers - Women In STEM Blazing a Trail
• Career Development Top Tips & Advice - Want to Plan for Promotion In Your Career?
• Applying for Internships – Tips and Practical Advice on Getting In On the Ground Floor
• How to Write a Compelling CV - Make your CV STAND OUT
• Preparing for Interviews – How to Build a Connection, Close the Deal and Land the Job
• Adding Value and a Continuous Improvement Mindset - How to Get Noticed By Your Bosses for the Right Things
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