Microsoft 365 Integration + Happeo

Happeo’s social intranet now integrates with Microsoft’s 365-based collaboration tools to turn your social intranet into a true digital workplace. The best part? Happeo’s accessible directly from Microsoft Teams – all your Microsoft 365 tools within a single, easy-to-use social intranet.

You can attach documents from OneDrive and share them in Teams and Slack, access PowerPoint slide decks, Word docs, and Excel files directly from your Happeo and tailor your company’s intranet pages with all the Microsoft tools widgets you wish.

Happeo keeps your team's communication, files and apps together in one place – now in Microsoft 365!


Happeo is a social intranet that combines collaboration and social interaction with the targeted distribution of news – all in one solution.

We believe business success today depends entirely on talent and a company's ability to communicate faster than the market changes. That's the essence of a high-performing digital culture. To learn more visit

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