Microkeeper Tutorial: Timesheets (Time and Attendance)

Learn the basics of timesheets in Microkeeper with this 5 minute tutorial.

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0:00​​ - Intro
0:20​​ - Accessing timesheets + overall info and filters
1:02 - Colour codes
1:30​​ - Missing timesheets
1:55 - Manually add missing rostered shifts
2:23 - Manually edit a timesheet
3:13 - Manually adding multiple shifts
3:54 - Timesheet icons
4:00 - Approving timesheets (tick-approval)
4:25 - CSV timesheet exports

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More about Microkeeper: https://www.microkeeper.com.au

Timesheets don't have to be a struggle. Microkeeper is cloud based time and attendance software, offering a comprehensive list of options to track performed hours and generate accurate timesheets.

Tracking time and location for employees and contractors has never been easier.

+ Accurate timesheets based on actual clocking data
+ Real time attendance reporting
+ Multiple locations, roles and jobs in one app

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