Message to Vic Employees and other Employees

Please listen to this message and read our template letter for Employees in Vic to use to negotiate their positions with their Employers.

For Employees:

https://www.australianssayno.com/employees-and-sole-traders - you have option 1 declination form or option 2 our new updated template

For Employers:


Employment Issues & Support Forums

Please visit www.australianssayno.com for further instructions on how to deal with the current issues you are facing, and the steps you must take next. Join and involve yourself in the groups and forums that are industry specific to support and assist you at this stressful time. We want to unite everybody for strength, unity and communications.

Urgent Termination Issues

Advocate Me have collaborated with Human Rights Advocates, and organised advocacy services available at https://humanrightsadvocates.com.au/ including Fair Work representation, mediation with your employer, advice and possible legal action.

Please Send your initial enquiries to [email protected] to see if your matter would be successful at Fair Work or associated tribunals. Please be patient, as Human Rights Advocates are also receiving hundreds of employee and employer complaints each day.

General Class Action Participation (not as a Witness)

Join our Class Actions here: https://www.advocateme.com.au/class-actions


Templates and research in relation to vaccinations and other government mandates are available for your use; you can find and customise those templates at https://www.advocateme.com.au/templates


Educational campaigns/research can be found at People for Safe Vaccines: https://www.peopleforsafevaccines.org/

We are endeavouring to educate and empower everybody so they can continue to retain their rights, health and jobs, whilst Serene simultaneously progresses her various legal Class Actions and Fair Work cases in the courts and tribunals.

We encourage you to utilise our plethora of resources and share with others who may be threatened by unlawful vaccination demands, dismissals, stand downs, refusal of entry or other punitive/discriminatory actions:

Stay Strong, Hold the Line
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