Mentoring blended Training Program [For Job Seekers]

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Mentoring blended Training Program
1. Analysing and fixing performance expectations
2. Formulaising what to learn
3. Optimizing online presence
4. Orienting the behavioral & mock interviews
5. Resume acclimating

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Are you not able to get success in job search in Canada? Let's discuss some of the job search strategies that will help you get the job quickly. If you want to undertake an effective job search and stand out while job hunting, these job search strategies are for you!

Have you submitted your resume and cover letter countless times and you still don’t have the job offer you’ve been waiting for? Are you looking for strategies that will accelerate your job search and help you land your dream job? It's a competitive market out there and your job search may need a glow-up!

This video is for anyone looking for:
- Doing job search in Canada
- IT-related jobs in Canada
- how to find the correct IT job

If it's your time to land your dream job, let's make it happen! I want to dish out some of the best job search tips and job search strategies out there!

Any questions on job hunting or this specific job search advice? Let me know in the comments below!

Rambabu Vasupilli

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