Mention users in Teams Channel via Power Automate - MS Forms or Power Apps - Employee Recognition

Learn how to tag or mention users on a Teams Channel via Power Automate. In this demo I show you how to build a Flow that will allow the selection of employees by name that you wish to mention in an automated post to Teams. The concept is for employee recognition / shoutouts. Using Microsoft Forms or Power Apps, we learn how to trigger a flow, handle the JSON array, lookup users and create mention tags. Also see how to recover from the error "The 'from' property value in the 'select' action inputs is of type 'string'. The Value must be an array." using the JSON expression.

00:00 Intro
00:42 Exploring the requirements of the Microsoft Form
03:50 Create the Flow
11:25 Demoing the solution on Form Submission
13:04 The 2nd solution for Microsoft Forms
15:59 Demoing the 2nd solution on Form Submission
16:49 Building a simple Power App
19:31 Create a Power Automate for Power Apps
23:20 How to Link Power Automate to Power Apps
26:00 Outtro

#PowerAutomate #MicrosoftForms #MicrosoftTeams
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