Meningitis & Me: Returning to work after an illness

Michael Brownlee from the law firm Anthony Collins, offers legal advice on returning to work after an illness. He describes possible 'reasonable adjustments' offered by your employer and your rights to flexible working.

This video has been created collaboratively by Anthony Collins and Meningitis Research Foundation.

Meningitis Research Foundation provide a range of support services for those who have been affected by meningitis and septicaemia/sepsis. Wherever you are in the world, you can access our helpline and live chat to speak to a member of our Support Team. Within the UK, we offer face to face and virtual events to connect those who have been affected by meningitis and/or septicaemia, and present an opportunity to hear from medical specialists. We also offer personal support through our Befriending Programme and through home visits attended by a member of our Support Team. You can find out more about MRF’s support services here:

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