Melting Me Softly Episode 1 | Multi-language Sub Full Episode | K-Drama | Ji Chang-wook, Won Jin-a

After a long experiment of being frozen, two people wake up finding out that they are in totally different world. Melting Me Softly (날 녹여주오) 2019 | Season 01 - Episode 1 | Full Episodes with Multi-language subtitles | K-Drama | Ji Chang-wook, Won Jin-a

Melting Me Softly [S01 E01]

In 1999, a star director Ma Dong Chan is on a roll. He is renowned for trying new things and making sensational variety shows. He volunteers to participate in cryogenics experiment with Ko Mi Ran who has done various experiments with him. Meanwhile, the doctor in charge of the experiment leaves before the subjects thaws.

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Melting Me Softly (날 녹여주오)

Genre: Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Sci-Fi
Episodes: 16ep x 60mins
Director: Shin Woo-cheol
Writer: Baek Mi-kyung
Cast: Ji Chang-wook, Won Jin-a, Yoon Se-ah, Lim Won-hee

A star TV producer plans a new show of getting frozen and waking back up the next day. He decides to participate the show himself along with the part-timer who decides to do it for the money, but only to be waken up twenty years later due to a mysterious scheme. Their bodies are same as before, but people around them are all 20 years older than they used to know. They also experience a side effect from the project where they must maintain a core body temperature of 31.5 degrees Celsius to survive. Coupled with the warming of their hearts from romantic attraction, they find themselves in a weird and sticky situation.

The Characters
Ma Dong-chan (Ji Chang-wook)

A man who is cold-hearted when working but warm in front of his lover. Dong-chan is a TV producer whose shows are mostly a big success. He believes that the trend for stand-up comedies will decline, so he decides to create a new type of show.

Ko Mi-ran (Won Jin-ah)

Mi-ran is an unpredictable and charming woman. She will try anything to make money. While seeking for a job, she works as a part-time employee at a TV station by participating in a ‘Frozen Human Project.’ It is supposed to give her a big compensation in exchange for being frozen for 24 hours.

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