Meet the automated lead gen funnel behind a booming resume-writing business

"Anything I can automate, I'm automating." That's the philosophy of Leader Howard II, CEO & Founder of career advancement service, Spark Your Resume.

In this episode of Workspace Invaders, Leander reveals how his automated lead gen funnel has helped the business hit six figures within its first year – and saved him hours and hours of work.

We'll broadcast our illuminating interview with Leander "as live" here on the community today, 28 October at 12PM ET. It would be great if you could join us and watch. But, no worries if not, the video will live on here in this post for all eternity.

We'll discover:

* How Leander is using automations in a quest to "fire himself" from his business so he can focus on high level work.

* How he uses Typeform, Zapier, Keap, and other no code tools to automate his entire lead generation and nurturing workflows.

*How he converts people who initially say they do not want to pay – without even speaking to them!
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