MEDUSA Android dynamic instrumentation Tool | Android Penetration tool | Android malware analysis

MEDUSA is an Extensible and Modularised framework that automates processes and techniques practiced during the dynamic analysis of Android Applications.

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Some of the MEDUSA's features include:

Tracing and instrumentation of API calls clustered according to their action (e.g. File System, IPC, Encryption)
Tracing and instrumentation of Java and Native functions
Unpacking (effective for most of the weel known packers, including Qihoo, Secshell e.t.c.)
Patching on the fly or statically (autoset the debugable flag)
Triggering of various system events in order to initiate a reaction (e.g. send intents / notifications / events to the target app)
Triggering of application's components (Activities, Services e.t.c.)

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