Medical Treatment Requirements for Disability Benefit Approval

In this video, long term disability insurance attorneys Stephen Jessup and Gregory Dell discuss the type of medical evidence that a disability company is going to want to see in order to approve a long term disability claim. Through our experience in helping thousands of claimants to get their LTD benefits approved, we provide tips to give you the best chance for claim approval. The application process is the foundation of a disability claim and you must present and have the appropriate medical treatment in order to receive disability benefits.

00:00 – How Much Medical Evidence is Required to Get a Long Term Disability Insurance Benefit Claim Approved?

02:20 – Strong medical documentation with every doctor visit is going to be essential to getting paid disability benefits.

03:50 – How often should a claimant go to the doctor in order to have the best chance of getting disability benefits approved?

05:38 – What is objective testing and why do we recommend it?

06:54 – What is a "file review" conducted by a disability insurance company?

09:20 – Do you need to go for every test your doctor recommends?

12:16 – Contact any of our disability insurance attorneys for a free immediate consultation nationwide.

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