Media Ignores Trudeau's Past Sex**l Assault While He Condemns Others

Media Ignores Trudeau's Past Sex**l Assault While He Condemns Others

I believe the person who invented the newspapers and heralded the coming of the media had good intentions for the creation. The news and the media are supposed to serve as a nonpartisan interrogators of man, and that includes politicians.

The media is supposed to be non partisan and by that, I mean, not affiliated to any party especially the party in power so that they would equally deliver judgment upon whichever politician or political leader goes against the will of the people.

But in Canada, it is unfortunate that the journalists belonging to the mainstream media and the mainstream media itself have sold themselves to the government in power, thereby foregoing the search for truth and breaking an unwritten law in the sphere of journalism.

On Thursday, Justin Trudeau called for a real reckoning on Hockey Canada after allegations came out that a woman was sexually assaulted by eight hockey players in the year 20 18.

While Trudeau was talking about Hockey Canada should be displaying a level of transparency, accountability and understanding of the situation that they are currently faced with, none of the reporters present at the Nova Scotia press conference had the guts to challenge him by asking what he had done with the sexual assault allegations levelled against himself and some members of his Liberal party.

Even the online reporters from the legacy media kept hush as Trudeau rambled on. This is just a tip of the ice of what would happen when bill C 11 becomes law. In the unfortunate possibility that that happens, we can kiss the truth goodbye for what it’s worth.

The courage to speak the truth is a virtue!

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