Measure the maturity of your testing processes via survey

The webinar will be hosted by Przemysław Kwiatkowski, Simon Frankish, and Martin Adcock - two experienced TMMi Lead Assessors who work for Experimentus - the world's leading provider of TMMi services.
Przemysław, Simon, and Martin will show how to use the TMMi maturity survey in practice - how organizations can benefit from knowing their strengths and weaknesses and that raising the maturity level doesn't have to be so difficult when you have good guidance.
During the webinar, you will see a case study of a real organization from the Healthcare sector that has completed a questionnaire. Simon Martin and Przemek will discuss the different elements of the survey, the results and show how they can be useful and bring tangible benefits to an organization.
It will also be an excellent opportunity to ask questions related to TMMi and the audit process, its practices and duration, and other aspects to experienced auditors.
You are cordially invited!

Key takeaways:
- how to fill out the survey (
- how to understand the questions, in order to give the right answer
- how should use this tool
- better understand the audit
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