McKinsey Case Interview Example - Solved by ex-McKinsey Consultant

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Watch now a McKinsey-style case solved by an ex-McKinsey consultant!

Do you want to watch a case interview where I interview a real candidate using this very same case?

Go to to get that video. I added my comments to it, where I tell you what she did right, what she did wrong, and what you should be learning from her major mistakes.

This case could be found in a first round or in a final-round partner interview in McKinsey, Bain, or BCG, in any office around the world.

Most candidates would not be able to create a MECE framework to this case - I would say 60-80% would not pass. The reason is that this is an unusual, out-of-the-box case question. Pre-made frameworks like Victor Cheng's, Case in Point's, and others would not help.

In this video, you will watch me, Julio, an ex-Bainee, interviewing Bruno, ex-McKinsey, with a hard, MBB-level case. A tough one. Bruno can get away safely. He would definitely get an offer based on this. Would you?

Table of contents (so you can find stuff later in the future):

00:34 - Case question
03:21 - Bruno's answer
10:29 - Brainstorming question
11:35 - Bruno's answer to Brainstorming question
16:22 - Follow-up question and answer
19:28 - Analytical question
21:10 - Bruno's answer
26:31 - Recommendation question
26:54 - Bruno's recomendation

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