Matt Davis Employee Testimonial of My Amazon Guy

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Actual quotes from My Amazon Guy Employees on an Anonymous Survey

I get to help small business owners realize their dreams and change their lives.

Pressure is an acquired taste. I learned to get comfortable working with pressure because of MAG.

How helpful and collaborative the team is!

My favorite things working in MAG are the salary, work-from-home setup, flexible schedule, and the ability to spend time with my children.

Time flexibility and how easy it is to request time offs. Although haven’t gotten any proper sleep in months, this job has been very healthy for my mental health.

Caring for employees and clients.


My favorite thing here is the organization. Every thing is well organized.

My favorite thing is when I was able to complete an Asana task. It feels great!

Dynamic, pace of work, communication speed and clarity

It’s fast pace and there’s never a dull moment.

Patient and very understanding colleagues

The mini challenge, e.g walking challenge! Motivates me to be more active.
I also liked it when Steven said to prio our health and family.
I get to learn new things.
The Buddy System and teamwork.

The company’s culture and focus on how employee are treated. My favorite aspect of this job is the relaxed people – especially my manager. She is soft spoken, polite, and has a great sense of humor.

My favorite thing was working flexibly, i can log in anytime of the day. it really helps especially when you worked overtime, you can sleep longer without thinking you have to login for a certain time of day.

The competitive spirit, either collectively or individually. It is infectious!
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