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Forming a class action lawsuit for wage and hour law violations in Los Angeles County requires the plaintiffs to determine whether the other employees involved were “similarly situated,” meaning they were employed under similar terms and suffered similar losses. One employee may start a class-action lawsuit by filing for collective action status with the court. If approved, the plaintiff will notify other potential plaintiffs to offer them the opportunity to opt-in to the class action. If the class action lawsuit succeeds, the final amount of compensation is divided among the plaintiffs.

Winning a Wage and Hour Lawsuit in Los Angeles
Whether you participate in a class-action lawsuit with multiple plaintiffs against a single defendant or pursue a lawsuit on your own, it is vital to understand how wage and hour lawsuits generally work and what type of compensation you might expect.

Most employers will elect to settle such disputes rather than risk potentially expensive litigation. Lawsuits can cost employers millions of dollars to manage and typically damage the company’s reputation. When an employer settles a wage and hour case, the damages almost always include back pay for what the employee or employees should have rightfully been paid under The Fair Labor Standards Act. Additionally, FLSA often allows liquidated damages to be paid to the plaintiffs in the amount of what is owed in back pay. This basically allows plaintiffs to recover double what they are owed in damages.

Contact a Wage & Hour Violation Attorney in Los Angeles
You do not have to navigate California’s wage and hour laws alone. As soon as you suspect an employer of infringing upon your rights, contact Mathew & George to schedule a free legal consultation. You can meet with an attorney in Los Angeles County or in Irvine, CA at no charge or obligation to discuss your case. You may discover you have grounds for a civil claim against your employer. You could be eligible to recover years of unfairly withheld wages. Call (310) 478-4349 today to speak to one of our lawyers about your workplace situation.
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