Maternity Leave in California -- "When is it required?"

In this video employment law attorney Neil Shouse explains who is entitled to maternity leave in California.

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Businesses with 5 or more employees are generally required to provide 2 types of unpaid maternity leave to their employees.

Up to 4 months of pregnancy disability leave is to be made available for pregnant employees who are unable to work due to pregnancy. C-section pregnancies generally qualify for 8 weeks of recovery time, and vaginal births generally qualify for 6 weeks of recovery time.

And employers must also offer up to 12 weeks of unpaid family leave to both fathers and mothers, for bonding time with their new child. This can be a newborn child, or newly adopted or fostered child.

The employee is required to give their employer up to 30 days notice of upcoming family leave whenever possible.

During maternity leave employers are also required provide health insurance to their employee. Employers may not discriminate against workers for taking maternity / paternity leave that they are legally entitled to. If they do, employees can file a lawsuit against their employer with the help of a labor law attorney.

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