Mary Robinson Online Speaker Series 2021 - Building a Just Recovery: Strategies for Change

The impact of the pandemic on gig economy workers has shown that a just recovery from the pandemic requires both binding frameworks to ensure companies respect human rights, and a rights framework that fits the unique challenges at the intersection of labour rights and technology rights for workers.

The 2021 Mary Robinson Online Speaker Series explored the nature of exploitation faced by gig economy workers and the strategies employed to challenge these abuses.

We were privileged to be joined by a panel of experts including:
- Bama Athreya (Fellow, Just Jobs Network, previously Economic Inequality Fellow, OSF)
- Ruwan Subasinghe (Legal Director, International Transport Federation)
- Thulsi Narayanasamy (Head of Labour Rights, Business & Human Rights Resource Centre)
- Vaidehee Sachdev (Social Pillar Lead, Aviva Investors)
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