Marketing Channels: Explained in 10 minutes

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One of the most useful books I have read in my history is Traction, by Gabriel Weinberg (the CEO of DuckDuckGO). Get his book here:

The thesis is that there are only 19 marketing channels. Done. Period. And I actually agree. There are only 19 marketing channels. Any growth hack, any tactic that you've seen can be classified into one of those.

And it's useful to know them all because the art and science of growing a company are essentially testing as many campaigns in as many channels as fast as possible (and, of course, measuring the results).

To this day, that is how we operate marketing. We spend a few hundred dollars on an experiment awaiting results. If we got customers for our sweet spot cost of acquisition, we double down. If we didn't, we would move to a different channel. This Youtube channel is exactly that. And we are still in the doubling down phase.

All startups are focusing on the same channels, so Gabriel’s book forces you to think outside of your traditional channels- that’s why I think it’s tremendously valuable you memorize(?) this list.

Anyway, I'm going to go over all the channels this book lists, along with an example of each one of these campaigns.


0:00 Every Marketing Channel - Intro
1:21 Viral Marketing
2:06 PR
2:46 Unconventional PR
3:29 Search Engine Marketing
4:08 Display Ads
5:38 Email Marketing
6:28 Offline ads
7:11 SEO
7:38 Content Marketing
7:50 Engineering as marketing
8:19 Guest posting
8:30 Business Development
8:39 Sales
8:47 Affiliate Programs
9:02 Leveraging Existing Platforms
9:26 Trade Shows
9:43 Offline Events
9:59 Speaking Engagements
10:10 Community Building


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