Market trends and salaries in Insolvency & Restructuring - H2 2022

In this webinar, Insolvency & Restructuring Recruitment specialists, Chris Stark and Harman Dhillon, share the results of Ambition's H2 2022 survey of Insolvency & Restructuring professionals and their employers.

Insights shared include:

- Expectations for the insolvency market in H2 2022
- Pay and bonuses
- Attitudes towards the 4 day week
- The latest salary trends for Insolvency & Restructuring professionals


00:00 Introduction
00:52 The survey
01:11 Predictions for H2
05:07 Levels in demand
07:23 Appraisals & Salary reviews
09:50 Bonuses
12:38 Qualifications
16:35 The Great Resignation?
20:00 Job Seeker Motivations
22:30 The 4 Day Working Week
27:18 JIEB Study Support
30:18 Advice for Jobseekers
36:52 Advice for Hiring Managers
45:44 Insolvency & Restructuring Salaries
49:36 Q&A - "What's the job market like for overseas candidates?"
51:06 Q&A - "How open are employers to flexible working?"
52:48 Q&A -"What is the best entry point to start training for JIEB exams?"
54:39 Q&A - "How do I prevent my current employer from finding out I'm looking for a new job?"
58:29 Q&A - "What's the best way to hand in your notice?"
1:01:12 Q&A - "How are bonuses allocated?"


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➡️ You can download a full copy of the Ambition Insolvency & Resturcturing Market Trends report H2 2022 here:

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