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Thanks for showing interest and choosing Aurolingua and Alok khare as your guiding mentor to help your visa sponsored dream role in Europe in less than 2 months. Please go through the various insights of the Webinar masterclass? so I can show you the steps ahead into the membership program to get your dream role in Europe or anywhere in the world

Step 1 : Hope you have gone through the webinar if not please go through the same : https://aurolinguacareer.com/index.php/live-masterclass/

Step 2 : Please share your CV and inviting to join the most dynamic WhatsApp group and FB group community for likeminded job seeker professionals. Here I regularly share Job openings, tips, guidance and free zoom sessions to guide seek jobs abroad.
- https://chat.whatsapp.com/E47Saiof0ki5I93jmwGrUZ
- https://www.facebook.com/groups/1750689425303551/permalink/1802247960147697/?mibextid=Nif5oz
Step 3: Please have glance of the entire 8weeks Job search mentorship program after having watched my above webinar masterclass :

If you have that passion, thrive and also find that we can work together achieve your dream role then please reach out to us for free strategy call and payment related details ( early bird discount) of the dynamic mentorship program. Please connect 5 min before the scheduled 1:1 session to make best use of this strategy session.

cheers & regards, Team Aurolingua
Mentor : Alok khare ( 9519836140)
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