Manual Testing Interview Questions and Answers with Examples - Part 6

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In this video, I will explain 10 manual testing interview questions and answers with examples. This is part 6 of the manual testing interview questions series and we will be learning how to answer the most asked manual software testing interview questions for freshers and experienced candidates.

I will start this series from very basic and then cover scenario-based questions for experienced candidates looking for Test Lead and Manager roles.

00:00 Introduction
00:52 How do you approach Test Case Development?
04:35 What do you do in Test Execution?
07:45 What is entry and exit criteria and Software Testing?
10:59 What is DoR and DoD?
15:24 What do you understand by test closure?
18:09 What are STUBS and DRIVERS?
22:48 Why do you need STUBS and DRIVERS?
24:13 What is black box testing?
27:17 What is white box testing?
29:11 What is grey box testing?

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