Manual Testing Interview Questions and Answers with Examples - Part 10

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In this video, I will explain 10 manual testing interview questions and answers with examples. This is part 10 of the manual testing interview questions series and we will be learning how to answer the most asked manual software testing interview questions for freshers and experienced candidates.

I will start this series from very basic and then cover scenario-based questions for experienced candidates looking for Test Lead and Manager roles.

00:00 Introduction
01:14 What is the difference between incident and defect?
03:36 What the difference between error, bug, defect and failure?
06:10 What is the defect severity and priority?
10:29 How do you assign defect severity and priority?
14:16 Who assign defect severity and priority?
16:06 What is defect report?
18:54 What is defect detection percentage (DDP)?
20:53 What is defect lifecycle?
23:34 What is configuration management?
26:06 What is version control?

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