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How will you type into the text box without sendkeys
We can input text in the text box without the method sendKeys with thehelp of the JavaScript Executor. Selenium executes JavaScript commands with the help of the executeScript method

I want to release a product in 5 days and you have only 5 days to test the product.

What are the challenges you faced in Testing (Answer should be realistic like editing test cases if the customer changes the requirement in the middle of testing)?

when is null pointer exception thrown in selenium
NullPointerException is thrown when a reference variable is accessed (or de-referenced) and is not pointing to any object. This error can be resolved by using a try-catch block or an if-else condition to check if a reference variable is null before dereferencing it.

What is Groovy in Jenkins?

Answer: Groovy is the default scripting language that is being used in the development of JMeter Version 3.1.

Currently Apache Groovy is the dynamic object-oriented programming language that is used as a scripting language for the Java platform. Apache Groovy comes with some useful features such as Java Compatibility and Development Support.

What are the two components (pre-requisites) that Jenkins is mainly integrated with?
Answer: Jenkins integrates with:
Build tools/ Build working script like Maven script.
Version control system/Accessible source code repository like Git repository.

Q #26) How can You Clone a Git Repository via Jenkins?
Answer: To create a clone repository via Jenkins you need to use your login credentials in the Jenkins System.
To achieve the same you need to enter the Jenkins job directory and execute the git config command.

How to Use Log4j in Selenium
Follow the steps below to successfully run Log4j with Selenium Webdriver:

Write an automation script, such as the one in the example below. It is a simple script that opens a URL, send keys to username and password, and ends the script when it clicks the login button.
After creating the script, create a log4j.properties file and specify the root logger, appended, and layout information in the file.
Import log4j dependencies like Logger, PropertyConfigurator, and add them to the script along with the logger class.
Add the messages that will be displayed in the log file.

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