Managing Your Small Business Beyond the Pandemic - Tools for Growth

Business planning programs, templates and tools designed to help start or grow existing small businesses are among topics in this week’s free webinar presented by the Small Business Development Center at CSU Bakersfield.

Director and host, Kelly Bearden takes an in-depth look at resources the SBDC uses to help existing small businesses to grow and entrepreneurs to start a business. These include the business plan software Live Plan, targeted market research through SBDCNet.org, and templates for cash flow forecasting and capital assessment.

This marks the 124th in the weekly “Webinar Wednesday” series that provides reopening and current pandemic relief updates on available federal, state, and local funding options, tax credit programs, employee programs, and other opportunities helpful to employers and business owners.

The SBDC provides free one-on-one consulting to help small business owners. New and existing businesses can go to www.csubsbdc.com for more information or to sign up for assistance.

00:00 Intro
00:44:12 What's Up Today?
04:14:21 Poll Question begins: “The Fed would like to see how much inflation per year?”
06:02:19 Status/Action for Key Programs
12:12:21 Kern County Small Business Micro Grant Program
14:18:03 CA Dream Fund Grants
17:02:10 CSUB SBDC YouTube Recent Topics
20:43:11 Economic Corner
24:24:12 Marketing Moment with Maureen – Carlsberg Adopt A Keg Campaign https://youtu.be/10XhoVhjBCo
30:57:07 Capital Corridor
31:00:22 Coming Soon! Kern County and Eastern Sierra Capital Summits
32:04:13 Tools for Your Business
32:25:00 First SBDC Tool: Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC)
38:25:14 Second SBDC Tool: Cash Flow Forecast Template
40:11:15 Third SBDC Tool: SBDCNet National Information Clearinghouse
45:30:22 Fourth SBDC Tool: Expert Industry Research You Can Trust – IBIS World
47:23:10 Fifth SBDC Tool: LivePlan – business planning tool
49:21:23 LivePlan Sample Plan Library – example of Automotive – Car Wash
52:20:17 Tool Wish List….
54:35:00 Risks with rising rates – Variable loans
55:44:05 Questions and answers with attendees

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