Managing Workers’ Right to Weed

What does the legalization of marijuana for recreational use mean to you and your workplace? Should you update your policies? Change background check procedures? Anticipate increased workers comp and unemployment claims? Master Sergeant Tyler Jenkins from the Missouri State Highway Patrol revisits the show to share tips on recognizing common signs of being under the influence of weed at work. And as always, we cover all the breaking news you need to know as you manage your business and people.
0:15 - Today on This Week at Work.
3:15 - Steamy evidence that perhaps Phil didn’t follow his own suggestions from episode 206 on office parties.
Lawyer on the Clock:
5:51 - Biden's pick for the top EEOC attorney, Karla Gilbride, gets Senate panel approval. The Senate Health, Labor and Pensions Committee voted to advance the nomination of Jessica Lumen. 
9:25 - Burt challenges Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell’s claims that the shortfall in labor force participation in the US, mostly due to excess retirements, is going to turn around soon. And the House passed legislation to preempt a nationwide rail shutdown.
Philburt’s Phorum: 
16:08 - “You’ve Got a Friend in (Weed).” Cheech/Chong, Snoop/Martha, and Elon.
The Employer’s Lounge: Holiday Office Party Risk vs. Reward
19:00 - Master Sergeant Tyler Jenkins from the Missouri State Highway Patrol joins Phil and Burt to discuss Weed at Work as Missouri passes legislation to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.
21:09 - Tips on how to spot workers when under the influence of marijuana (Indicia of Impairment).
24:30 - Is there a reliable medical test to determine if someone is under the influence of marijuana?
26:15 - Exceptions to the recent change in marijuana law and how to manage the workplace from an employer’s or human resource professional’s perspective.
Phil Brandt, President and CEO of AAIM Employers’ Association
Burton Garland, Shareholder, Ogletree Deakins
Master Sergeant T. R. Jenkins, Drug Recognition Expert with the Missouri State Highway Patrol - Zone 9, St. Charles County
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