Malta Work Visa Interview Questions Explained ! Malta Study Visa Interview Questions | #MALTA_VISA

Don't be scared or Panic during Interview for Malta Work Visa Application , recently they changes some question and answer which is given below : NEW QUESTIONS & ANSWERS • Where do you live in Malta ? If you book the Hotel , say that once you land in Malta you will arrange . If your company didn't renew your visa what you will do ? You stay in Europe or back to home country ? Say correct Answer ● • Cheapest Way to Travel inside the city in Malta ? Say Malta Public Bus Transport is the best way to travel in Malta , there is no Train or Metro in Malta How to did you book flight ticket Direct or indirect ( Say correct Answer . ) Why Only Malta - Tel them you try too many countries but only got email from Malta • Cities Name in Malta - Valletta Sliema Victoria - Saint Julian's - Mdina Help to get 1K Subscriber :
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