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best motivation video in 2023

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Make SMART Goals in 2023
1. SMART goals are a goal-structuring technique that ensures you have concrete and actionable goals.

Specific: Specific goals mean what exactly you want to achieve. Instead of just saying you want to earn the promotion, specify what role you hope to achieve.
Measurable: Measurable goals have metrics that you can use to track your progress. You might say you want to learn three new skills in a specific area and have a manager recognize your improvements.
Attainable: Attainable goals are realistic. Instead of aiming to become a finance executive while in school, an attainable goal might be to earn a few points in your classes.
Contextual: Contextual goals are those that are set with a larger goal in mind. For example, you might set a goal to complete a resume-writing class so that you can start a career as a professional resume writer.
Time-Based: Your goals are most effective if they have realistic deadlines. Although schedules are subject to change, having a predictable completion date can help you stay motivated.
Smart Goals help you quickly define clear goals that you can refer to throughout your journey. Plan to set and review these goals often based on your experiences.

2. Start Small
Even if you set ambitious goals, starting with simple tasks can help you feel productive. Even writing down your goals can be your first achievement. Some small actions you can consider to build a successful life include:

Each completed task is already a successful achievement, no matter how small.

3. Build Good Habits
Creating good habits can help you achieve goals as well as help you learn important skills such as focus, time management and attention to detail. Consider a morning or night routine where you review your goals, set tasks you want to accomplish, and review your schedule. By doing this, you develop a routine that you can follow for any future goals.

It's also important to prioritize rest and good mental health habits. Meditating for five minutes or exercising first thing in the morning can improve your focus and attitude and help you make goals.

How do you measure success?
Depending on the goals you set, success can look different from person to person. Here are some ways you can measure success:

how happy you feel
how much money do you make
what career position do you have
how much influence do you have
how many lives have you touched
where do you live
how healthy are you
how satisfying is your career
For each of these, the metrics to define them may be different. It's important to know what you want and what you want, rather than defining success by someone else's standards. For example, your idea of ​​success might be a director role for a finance company, while someone else might be an executive in the same industry

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