Major Krasnoyartsev Aleksandr Vasylyevich. “I shot a civilian with a gun.”

Major Krasnoyartsev Aleksandr Vasylyevich. ( Head of Air and Fire Tactical Training, senior pilot of m.u. 86789 )
Interview with a captive and his call to his relatives. Russian Army in Ukraine. Captives and injured soldiers and officers of Russian Armed Forces. Head of Air and Fire Tactical Training, senior pilot - killer.
Bombed Syria and Chernigiv.
Conduced 180 -200 flights in Syria. You definitely knew who you bombed at. What is the fault of civilians, that you bombed mercilessly? Shot at a hospital, while operations ongoing, bombed center of Chernigiv. Konstantin Krivolapov, the navigator, with whom I also worked in Syria.
They drove me with my eyes unblind to show me the school I bombed out.

Официальный канал -
Разговор с военно пленным и звонок родным
Армия РФ в Украине. Пленные, раненные солдаты и офицеры ВС РФ.

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