Madden 22: Explorers vs Tigers Week 13 - DJ vs Ca'i Cash Part 1! | RFL Season 7

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Are you a huge football fan? Do you love video games? If so, get ready to experience football like never before & subscribe to the RFL! The RFL is a close to real-life simulation football league with its own unique created & community players, full 16 game season schedule & playoffs, real-life commentators & real-life players as coaches all created on 32 of Madden's relocation teams! Hence the name RFL for Relocation Football League! We cover both College Football & our Pro League of the RFL in our content. The RFL has been around since September of 2016 and has had the same teams & players since on each madden. Check out this video and catch some of our live games and become part of the RFL Community. Be A Player, Be A Coach, Become A Staff Member, WE ARE THE RFL!
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