Machine Learning Interview Questions - Part 7 | SynergisticIT

Technology bootcamp in the USA are in abundance, but only the best ones prepare you for the jobs. SynergisticIT is one such bootcamp that, apart from teaching essential skills, prepares students for the competitive job market through expert career assistance. It offers students a range of study material to help them crack the tough machine learning interviews.

This short video by SynergisticIT contains questions on machine learning algorithms for classification, when to use classification over regression, the tradeoff between bias and variance, the definition of precision and recall, decision tree classification, pruning in decision trees and how it’s done, recommendation system, kernel SVM, methods of reducing dimensionality, parametric model.

SynergisticIT is one of the popular machine learning bootcamps with more than 12 years of experience. Our ML program helps you make a solid career attaining relevant professional skills. The comprehensive program covers essential technical and soft skills and provides assistance in resume writing and interview preparation.

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