M3GAN Review

M3GAN hits theaters on Jan. 6, 2023. Review by Matt Donato.

M3GAN lives up to its memeable pre-release hype for mostly better and sporadically worse. Gerard Johnstone was the correct director choice, and Akela Cooper attempts deeper storytelling explorations centered around contemporary technological distractions — but you're watching for M3GAN. That's why she dazzles as the titular tyrant ready to rumble in the name of hardcoded primary user love, even at a detriment to the scenes where she's relegated obsolete. Allison Williams, Violet McGraw, and other performers are granted their momentary standouts (Williams anchors scene after scene), only to concede spotlights because M3GAN is the reason for the horror season this winter. A genre star is born from motherboards and violence in a movie that begs to be a tad leaner yet delivers clip-worthy "horrortainment" nonetheless.

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