LSU vs Ole Miss Preview: LANE KIFFIN Job Interview? + ELI & ARCH Manning's Big Day + MATT CORRAL?

LSU Football travels to play Ole Miss, who is coached by ED ORGERON's dear pal LANE KIFFIN. PHL discusses if Kiffin is candidate #1 + a massive weekend for Eli Manning & Arch Manning's recruitment + will LSU defeat Heisman Candidates Matt Corrall and more!

My Top 3 Head Coach Candidates: https://youtu.be/_PbkjZQwWSY

LSU vs Ole Miss HALFTIME Chat: https://youtu.be/zew2AY7BYZw


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LSU Chapters
0:00 LSU vs Ole Miss Preview
2:11 Ole Miss Film Review
4:42 LSU Film
6:56 Ole Miss Player to Watch
8:06 Ed Ingram & LSU OL
8:40 Eli Manning & Arch Manning
10:23 LSU Head Coach Lane Kiffin?
12:15 Stat Breakdown
14:07 Betting Lines
15:35 Prediction
15:58 Dinner?

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